Always Tired, No Energy, No Motivation

always tiredDoes the title sound like you? Are you always tired? Do you have little motivation? How about no energy? If the answer is yes then this post is for you because I want to share with you some of the best ways of getting out of that funk and taking your life back. Now I know that many people who feel like this have only ever tried to use caffeine as their stimulant to help them get up and get going but I highly advise against that. The reality is that the crash from that cup of coffee or can of Monster ends up doing more harm than good. So today we are going to touch on the natural ways you can combat these types of things.

It sounds elementary and it probably is but the reality is that most people that feel sluggish throughout the day simply do not get enough sleep. Notice I said not enough sleep and not the generic 8 hours schtick. I believe that everyone has a different level of sleep that they need to achieve in order to feel well rested. For some its 8 hours for some (like me, its closer to 9) for others its much lower. Once you figure it out you need to stick to it each and every day.

Processed Foods
Nothing is worse than processed foods both for your overall health and for your focus, energy, motivation etc. Most of the time when people ask me “Why do I always feel tired” I ask them what their diet consists of. It is almost always a diet high in tryptophan which causes sleepiness (hence the reason we all get tired after a big Thanksgiving meal).

You have to figure out what you are putting into your body with food and then supplement what you’re not getting will pills, powders or sprays. For instance many people do not get enough Vitamin D and this is a major cause of tiredness etc. I for one use the Bio D Supreme spray can and can honestly say that I’ve never felt better. As I mentioned in a previous post this product was developed by Kris Kile as an easily digestible form of vitamin d that has hundreds of far reaching benefits. I highly recommend that you check out the companies website for more information.

Other than that I would also suggest a daily exercise routine as that is something else that has helped me maintain a high level of energy over the years. Whether or not it’ll work for you is debatable and most people don’t have the time but if you can figure it out then I suggest you do.

P.S. Bio D is offering a special offer to those who purchase their product after coming from our website. Click their link to check it out. While supplies last.

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