Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment

vitamin d deficiency treatmentIf you’re reading this article then you’ve already determined that you have a vitamin d deficiency. Luckily the first part to correcting any problem is to admit to/pinpoint it, so congratulations on making it this far! Now that you’re here it is my job to help you overcome this problem as quickly and as easily as possible. To do so I have compiled the top three vitamin d deficiency treatments and posted them below for your viewing pleasure. Your job then is to pick the one that fits you and your lifestyle the best and run with it.

Lets take a look

Solution #1 The Sun
Yes thats right, the sun is actually the best way that you can naturally receive vitamin d into your system. In fact that is how doctors and researchers found out just how amazing this nutrient can be for us. Now I understand that many of you are highly skeptical because of the fact that the sun can cause skin cancer among other issues, and no you cannot get vitamin d in a tanning bed (sorry ladies). While it is not clear just how often or for how long you’ll need to be exposed to the sun to receive the ultimate treatment it stands to reason that several times per week for at least 20 minutes at a time should do the trick. This is in addition to whatever you’re already doing outside (if you got enough during your daily activities you wouldn’t be reading this now would you?

For those of you that live in an area where getting real sun is tough to come by or you’re frightened by the idea of sunbathing for an extended period we have another solution for you (and its the one that we most recommend).

Solution #2 Bio-D Supreme
If you’ve read any of our other articles you’ll notice that the one recurring theme is the product known as Bio D Supreme, and for good reason. You see, traditional vitamin d (and other vitamin) products are generally not absorbed very well in their traditional pill form. The solution then was to get this highly powerful substance into a spray form that could be taken orally, and would be absorbed within seconds of spraying. That is actually what the makers of Bio D have done and now you have a product that is at a low cost and provides a host of benefits which include but are not limited to:

  • Increasing Energy
  • Reduce risk of brittle bones
  • Reduce Vitamin D Deficiency
  • Increase in quality of sleep
  • Reduction of the common cold
  • And More!

So while you may have thought that the only reason for taking a vitamin d supplement was so that you could receive just the one nutrient you’ll notice that you actually receive a host of other benefits. This is the best treatment of vitamin d deficiency that we’ve come across and recent years and recommend that all of you give it a fair shake.

Solution #3 The Foods You Eat
The third solution is to simply change the foods that you eat on a daily basis. Many people are victims to a poor diet and this can cause all sorts of issues including but not limited to diabetes, obesity, and nutrient deficiencies. To bulk up on vitamin d it is recommended that you eat more fish, cheese, kidney beans and drink more milk. If you’re like me and most of these things don’t sound so appealing to you then you may want to opt for solution 1 or 2. At the end of the day however the choice is yours and we recommend that you take your time in determining what is best for you.

P.S. By clicking on the link for Bio D above you will receive a special price!

Weak Immune System Boosters

weak immune systemIf you are someone that suffers from a weak immune system then you know what its like to constantly be sick. For most of us the tender loving care that we receive when we are ailing is still not enough to make us like the idea of being weak and bed ridden. For that reason I wanted to talk about some of the top weak immune system boosters that you can implement today to help you become healthier, especially with the winter months upcoming.

Avoid Alcohol/Tobacco
I agree its important to relax from time to time, but if you are going to use alcohol and/or tobacco be sure to do so in extreme moderation. Not only are these sorts of things very bad for your overall health but they cause the immune system to break down and are not the sort of things that you should be using if a healthy mind, body and soul is what you’re after.

I have mentioned it before, and it sounds simple but the cold hard truth here is that when you get sleep you get healthier. I can speak to this fact because I was just on vacation wherein I slept for a total of about 14 hours in 3 days, and when I got home I felt sicker than I have in a long time. My mother used to try and tell me to get more sleep when I was younger, and I should’ve listened. Don’t make the same mistake as me. Get yourself some sleep.

Once again it sounds stupid simple but guess what you don’t have to go crazy looking for proper remedies to a weak immune system. Many people do not eat properly nor do they get any kind of exercise on a daily basis. Doing both of things on a regular basis is going to help you reduce the chances of sickness as well as be a healthier person overall. Once again I can speak to this, as I began a training regime about 4 months ago and in the 120 days since I feel better than ever before (so long as I still get enough sleep).

Vitamin D/Other Supplements
Their are hundreds if not thousands of supplements that we can take on a daily basis to make ourselves feel better. Some work better than others, but whatever the case may be I can honestly say that since taking Bio D Supreme which is a highly absorbable form of Vitamin D I have begun to feel better than ever before. Vitamin D is something that most people are highly deficient in which can lead to a weak immune system, so its something you will want to check out sooner rather than later. In terms of other supplements, a simple multi-vitamin should do the trick.

Other than that I don’t have much else that I think you should be looking in to at the moment, but as always if you or someone you know is taking or doing something to help boost their immune system we want to know about it! Please comment below or use the contact function to send us a private message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Boosting the immune system is something we can all use a hand in doing from time to time, so please help us to help others by contributing any and all advice that you may have in regards to the subject.

The Common Cold Remedies

common cold remediesWith winter fast approaching (at the time of this article anyway) its getting to be that time of year when people fall ill to the “common” cold. I myself was generally taken advantage of by this cold many times but luckily over the years I found ways to avoid it. The following are just a small sampling of some of the things that I have done over the years to ensure that the common cold doesn’t affect this uncommon man :) You may find my common cold remedies to be a bit interesting but I promise you that they work, or at least have worked for me in the past.

1. Sleep
It sounds simple, and I’m sure you all think you get enough of it but I can assure you that most people do not. When you do not get enough sleep your body becomes run down and over time you actually start to break down. When this happens your immune system is unable to buck up and defend against sickness thus you get a cold or worse. Be sure to get at least eight hours per night.

2. Exercise
Again, it sounds simple and I’m sure that most folks think they’re active enough but I would venture to guess that most aren’t. Exercise is a great way to rid your body of toxins through sweat and something that I recommend you do at least 3 times per week for at least twenty minutes per day. This is not only going to increase your overall health level but it is also going to ensure that your body steers clear of unwanted toxins.

3. Vitamin D
Most people don’t believe me when I say this but a majority of people in the United States and beyond have whats known as a vitamin d deficiency. This can cause brittle bones, common colds, weak immune system, low energy levels and more. I for one use Bio D Supreme every single day and wouldn’t think about skipping out on it. The fact of the matter is that all vitamins and minerals are important but especially Vitamin D, and its something that very very few people can honestly say they get enough of in their daily food intake.

While their are more ways of avoiding, treating and otherwise preventing a cold the three that I mentioned above have worked very well for me in the past and I see no reason why they wouldn’t work for you as well.

If you or someone you know has another remedy that I did not mention and you would like to contribute it to this webpage please contact us or leave a comment below and let us know what it is. We want to help people stay healthy, and the more we know the better we can do that.

Always Tired, No Energy, No Motivation

always tiredDoes the title sound like you? Are you always tired? Do you have little motivation? How about no energy? If the answer is yes then this post is for you because I want to share with you some of the best ways of getting out of that funk and taking your life back. Now I know that many people who feel like this have only ever tried to use caffeine as their stimulant to help them get up and get going but I highly advise against that. The reality is that the crash from that cup of coffee or can of Monster ends up doing more harm than good. So today we are going to touch on the natural ways you can combat these types of things.

It sounds elementary and it probably is but the reality is that most people that feel sluggish throughout the day simply do not get enough sleep. Notice I said not enough sleep and not the generic 8 hours schtick. I believe that everyone has a different level of sleep that they need to achieve in order to feel well rested. For some its 8 hours for some (like me, its closer to 9) for others its much lower. Once you figure it out you need to stick to it each and every day.

Processed Foods
Nothing is worse than processed foods both for your overall health and for your focus, energy, motivation etc. Most of the time when people ask me “Why do I always feel tired” I ask them what their diet consists of. It is almost always a diet high in tryptophan which causes sleepiness (hence the reason we all get tired after a big Thanksgiving meal).

You have to figure out what you are putting into your body with food and then supplement what you’re not getting will pills, powders or sprays. For instance many people do not get enough Vitamin D and this is a major cause of tiredness etc. I for one use the Bio D Supreme spray can and can honestly say that I’ve never felt better. As I mentioned in a previous post this product was developed by Kris Kile as an easily digestible form of vitamin d that has hundreds of far reaching benefits. I highly recommend that you check out the companies website for more information.

Other than that I would also suggest a daily exercise routine as that is something else that has helped me maintain a high level of energy over the years. Whether or not it’ll work for you is debatable and most people don’t have the time but if you can figure it out then I suggest you do.

P.S. Bio D is offering a special offer to those who purchase their product after coming from our website. Click their link to check it out. While supplies last.

What Are The Health Benefits of Vitamin D

vitamin d health benefitsMuch has been made of the various health benefits of vitamins in recent years, but one that has stood out above the rest is whats known as Vitamin D. This highly potent vitamin which comes in five forms (only 2 of which are especially important to humans) has a variety of far reaching health benefits. In its most basic form it is a steroid vitamin which consists of fat soluble pro hormones. These work to encourage the digestion and absorption of both phosphorous and calcium.

Well thats all well and good but what exactly do I need to take it for?

The following are a list of the top Vitamin D Health Benefits.

  • It helps to regulate the immune system. You don’t want to get sick do you?
  • As stated previously, it helps you to digest and absorb both calcium and phosphorus both of which are vital to a variety of bodily functions.
  • It has been shown to increase brain function in later life.
  • It has been linked to weight loss/maintenance.
  • It was proven that an increase in uptake will help to reduce asthma like symptoms.
  • Shown to reduce rheumatoid arthritis in women.
  • Studies have shown that those with higher levels of Vitamin D in their system are less susceptible to cancer.

Those are just a small sampling of the benefits of Vitamin D, but you can start to see how living with a vitamin d deficiency can be harmful to your health as life goes on. The saddest part of it all is that the process of taking the vitamin is rather simple, yet people find ways and excuses not to take it for whatever reason.

If and when you are ready to begin a regime I would suggest that you look into sprays that contain the nutrient such as Bio D Supreme. Its a product that was developed by Kris Kile and gives the body a better opportunity to actually digest the supplement. You see when you take something in a pill or other form their is a more than likely risk that it will never fully get absorbed into the bloodstream. Thus you are being duped into thinking that you’ve taken the supplement when in all likelihood you’ve excreted the benefits without gaining anything. With a spray such as Bio D you can rest assured that it will be easily absorbed into the bloodstream in a timely fashion.

We will discuss this and other products just like it in the near future on this website, but for now we suggest you visit the companies page to learn more.

In the future we plan to utilize the pages of this website to bring you information regarding a variety of health related topics. These will include but will not be limited to cold remedies, causes of brittle bones, how to boost your immune system and more!

If you simply cannot wait for the content to be published feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns and we will be sure to get back to you in a timely fashion :)

Thanks for reading!

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